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Stamp collecting is one of the world’s most popular hobbies. It includes the collecting of postage stamps as well as related objects. Related objects include envelopes or packages with stamps on them.

Stamp collecting is often mistaken for the term philately. Philately is the study of stamps and not collecting of stamps. Philatelists often collect objects of their study. However, it is not mandatory for them to do so. Usually, casual collectors gather stamps without taking into consideration the minute details. Nevertheless, collecting stamps in comprehensive or large quantities require philatelic knowledge.
In some small countries, limited runs of elaborate stamps are designed so that stamp collectors purchase them. In these countries, stamp collectors prove to be a vital source of revenue. In such countries, the stamps produced exceed the postal needs of the country by a commendable margin.

People that indulge in stamp collecting generally observe the rise in prices of rare stamps. Some stamp collectors also indulge in Philatelic investment. Rare stamps are tangible investments and are portable. Collections of rare stamps are an attractive alternative to art and precious metals.

In order for stamps to be kept safely, it is advisable that they are kept in an album or stock sheet.
There are different stamps that people normally prefer collecting. The most common type of stamps collected is known as definitive stamps. These stamps are generally printed daily.

Other stamps that are collected are commemorative stamps. These are special and are used to commemorate events, anniversaries, weddings, and birth. These stamps are sold only for a limited time and are mostly available at stamp dealers.

People also collect pictorial stamps as well. These stamps are printed with the lifestyle of the country as well as the country’s scenery.

Revenue stamps that were also used in government documents were also collected previously. These were also used for telegrams.
Stamp collecting is a widespread practice, even at present. This hobby is enjoyed by all ages. This is an attractive art and is studied by a section of people.

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