Pros and Cons of Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Inflatable hot tubs vary in price somewhere around $600 to $1000. These tubs are portable, and usually smaller than the traditional hot tub. The cost fits most budgets, eliminating the need to save enough money for several years to purchase and install the acrylic hot tub. In addition to the purchase of the hot tub, an automatic pump will be required for inflating you inflatable hot tub.

The features such as seating and jet systems can be found in both the inflatable and portable hot tubs. Some have the same comfortable seating, as well as the same jet system. However, there are inflatable tubs which only have a blower system, which moves the water around, not providing the same effect as the jet systems do. Installation for most is relatively easy. All you need to do is inflate them, fill with water from a garden hose, and you are ready to go. The life time for the less expensive materials is only for a one or two seasons.

Generally 110 wiring is sufficient for most of the tubs. However, there are those which require 120 wiring. Another expense which may not be considered is water treatments to kill the bacteria in the water which will build up in the tub as well. You should change the filters on a regular basis. Once the tub is emptied, at the end of each day, it can easily be washed with warm soapy water, then rinsed out thoroughly, making sure that there isn’t any soap residue left.

While convenient and less expensive, inflatable spas do have their pros and cons. They are not as durable as the acrylics. The best construction material should be of the heavy rubber which are used for white water rafts, which will decrease the risk of rips, and punctures. Another complaint is that due to the lack of insulation, the water temperature decreases at a more rate than the more expensive hot tubs. However, there is a heat matting, for around $30 which helps maintains the heat. These tubs hold about 225 gallons of water which should be changed on a daily basis. The water temperature is comfortable around 104 degrees F, but the time it takes to heat you inflatable spa will depend on the temperature of the water used to fill it, which could take several hours.

Although the traditional hot tubs are harder to move, and usually are left behind if the homeowner sells the home, they are more durable than the inflatable versions. Of course, there aren’t any issues with maintaining water temperatures, and they usually will seat more people comfortably. The durability lessens any structural damage which will result in leaks. Furthermore, the acrylic tubs are provided with an extensive warranty, whereas the inflatables, typically, don’t have a warranty at all. So before making a final decision, one needs to determine if the cost differences balance by the way of pros and cons.

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